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Permanent Makeup in Gatineau

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Are you looking for luscious, full lips that glow? J3 Beauté brings you our exciting range of permanent makeup options, including lip symmetry and pigmentation. We proudly serve Ottawa, Gatineau, Hull and the surrounding areas.

Our Lifechanging Permanent Makeup Offer

If you’re crazy about makeup, this offer is for you. Bronzers, concealers, and foundations are all wonderful and exciting. But did you know that with permanent makeup, you can choose the effect you want and have it last for 3 to 5 years?

At J3 Beauté, our cosmetic team will use our high-end pen and ultra-fine needles to penetrate the top, outer layer of the epidermis, giving the tattoo-like procedure its lasting effect.

This technique lets us shape, fill and brighten your lips, and enhance your eyes to appear more defined.

If you want to add some extra mystique or charm, we can even find the perfect place for a classy beauty mark.

Permanent makeup is also perfect for redesigning sparse eyebrows. As with microblading, we will draw on your eyebrows hair-by-hair.

The resulting fine and well-defined lines will accentuate and rejuvenate your features without a facelift.

With permanent make-up, you can recreate thin or absent eyebrows, and perfect the asymmetry of your look, taking into account the specificities of your physique and preferences.

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Lip Pigmentation

Just like your forehead and eye contours, lips make up some of the first areas of the face to show signs of aging.

Luckily, once again, permanent makeup offers a long-term solution. At J3 Beauté, before we proceed with your lip pigmentation, we do a complete analysis to ensure balanced symmetry.

Our procedure will help to:

  • Correct any unevenness in your lips
  • Enhance your upper and lower lip
  • Raise the corners of your mouth
  • Add extra lift to the edges of the upper lip for a glowing effect

Once the procedure is complete, it is entirely normal for your lips to appear red and slightly swollen.

We recommend that you apply an antiseptic lotion to your lips and coat them with a moisturizing ointment for about two weeks.

To ensure successful pigment fixation, we also advise that you avoid the sun during the healing process. Book your appointment now.

Perfectly balanced, symmetrical lips.


Permanent Makeup Gatineau

Counteract signs of aging with permanent makeup!

Are you looking for permanent makeup? Contact J3 Beauté for high-end aesthetic services in Ottawa, Gatineau and Hull.