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Microblading in Gatineau

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J3 Beauté offers unrivalled microblading for customers in Ottawa, Gatineau, Hull and the surrounding areas. Call us today for clean, well-defined eyebrows.

Keeping Your Brows on Point

Do you have those friends who always look on fleek, regardless of their hairstyle and outfit?

Perhaps you've been trying to figure out what makes them seem so polished all the time. Take a closer look... Still can't tell? Then J3 Beauté has your answer: their secret most likely lies in their eyebrows.

Rocking a pair of perfectly shaped eyebrows will beautifully frame your face and compliment your most attractive features.

In our salon, our microblading offer will let you keep your eyebrows striking, tidy and well-defined for up to three years.

With microblading, you get to correct or completely recreate your eyebrows.

To perform this semi-permanent tattoo procedure, our beauty experts will use our premium pen and microneedles to delicately apply high-quality pigment to the upper layer of your epidermis. Call us now and let us give your eyebrows a gorgeous shape.

Eyebrows on fleek, everyday


J3 Beauté offers unrivalled quality service

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How Long Does Our Microblading Solution Last?

The results of microblading last 1 to 3 years before they disappear completely. But to extend the lifespan of your beautiful new eyebrows, J3 Beauté recommends you come in for touch-ups 4 weeks after your initial treatment.

We always remind our clients that semi-permanent makeup is an art, and not an exact science.

This means that the final effect may vary depending on your age, lifestyle, and cell regeneration capacity, as well as the level of pigment used.

Please note that the visible healing time can last between 7-10 days and 3-4 weeks after which point the colour will stabilize to give way to a seamless finish. If you would like to know more, call us today.

Recreate your eyebrows


Microblading Gatineau

Naturally striking eyebrows for up to three years

Are you looking for permanent makeup? Contact J3 Beauté for high-end aesthetic services in Ottawa, Gatineau and Hull.